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An Auto Repair Shop


We understand that your vehicle is an essential component to your everyday life connecting you to the places and people that matter most.
We approach car repair services with a commitment to loving our neighbours.
In doing so, we prioritise transparency and fairness, and offer reliable and honest service.
From simple tune-ups to intensive diagnostics, repairs, and replacements, our Auto 8 professionals are ready to get you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.


Auto 8 offers complete auto care for your vehicle. Whether it’s time for your next factory recommended maintenance visit, a routine oil change, new tires, or repair services on your brakes, suspension, or any other mechanical component of your car, Auto 8 is ready to serve you.

Auto 8 fixes more than you know

  • ​Oil Change
  • ​Brakes & Brake Repair
  • ​Steering & Suspensions
  • ​Auto 8 Maintenance Packages
  • ​New Tyres and Tyre Repair
  • ​Auto 8 Courtesy Check
  • ​Check Engine Light
  • ​Lights, Wipers & Accessories
  • ​Radiator & Engine Cooling
  • ​Car Batteries, Starting & Charging
  • ​Belts & Hoses
  • ​Fleet Services​

What to consider when selecting an 

Auto Repair Shop?

Your car is important to you. It was a sizeable investment and you need to take care of it so that you can enjoy your driving adventures. You should consider the below when selecting a partner to care for your vehicle as much as you do:

  • ​Reputation: Look for an auto repair shop with a good reputation in your community. You can ask for recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues. Also, check online reviews and ratings from previous customers.
  • ​Experience: Consider the number of years the shop has been in business. An experienced auto repair shop has a better chance of accurately diagnosing and fixing your car's issues.
  • Communication: Choose a shop that communicates well with you about the work that needs to be done, the estimated cost, and the timeline for completion.
  • Customer Service: The auto repair shop should have friendly and knowledgeable staff who are willing to answer your questions and provide you with information about your car's repair process.
  • ​Convenience: Consider the location of the shop, the availability of shuttle services or loaner cars, and their hours of operation. Choose a shop that is convenient for you to access and meets your scheduling needs.
  • Range of Services: Look for a shop that offers a wide range of services such as routine maintenance, brake repair, engine repair, transmission repair, and electrical system repair. This ensures that you can get all the services you need in one place.
  • ​Quality of Equipment: The quality of equipment used by the auto repair shop can affect the quality of service you receive. Look for a shop that uses modern and well-maintained equipment.
  • ​Price: While cost should not be the only factor in your decision, it's important to consider the price. Compare prices from different shops to ensure you are getting a fair price.

Excellent service!! Value for your money. I usually work on the road and can't leave my vehicle for a day to be serviced. Auto 8 completed an oil change, change brakes, filters, rotate tyres and adjust hand brakes in one hour. No real lost time for me! Thank you Auto 8!

Emily Ali


Auto 8 literally saved me from having to survive without a vehicle until Monday. The staff were wonderful to work with and were diligent in answering any queries I had pertaining to the services being done. 10/10 customer service. 10/10 work service and I fully recommend Auto 8 to anyone who wishes to get a complete diagnosis of the condition of their vehicle.

Jagdesh Singh


Auto 8 has been my car care provider of choice for approximately 2 years. I am very pleased with their service! They are professionals, they know car care well and customer service is at the heart of all they do. Highly recommended!

Jamal King 

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